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Matte finish photographic paper is often considered more dull, subdued, and hazy. Colors are rarely as rich or full as glossy finish prints and black and white prints may seem more gray toned. Matte finish produces no glare on the paper and can be enhanced with glass when framed. While it can be damaged from being mishandled, the natural base of matte paper is less susceptible to scratches in the surface and fingerprints are minimal.
Glossy finish paper appears rich in tones, contrast, and sharpness. Colors are often brighter and blacks are often deeper because of the high level of shine. The downfall of glossy prints is that glare is produced when viewed in a well-lit room. This can be further complicated by adding glass when framing the print, although you can also purchase matte finish glass to help subdue the glare. Furthermore, glossy prints are more susceptible to fingerprints and scratches and the finish can be removed or scratched off if handled improperly.
Metallic Paper Is a finish that looks like a Golden sheet, but when printed some images like Gold etc it is very eye-catching and used in making of Digital Albums.
This paper has a feel of velvet like finish which is very smooth and used in making of Digital Albums.
The low-luster papers in between matte and glossy are known by many names: semi-gloss, satin, pearl, and simply low-luster. While each of these papers offer mid-level shine, the differences are still noticeable.
This finish looks like a glossy print with a mixture of texture effects to prints.
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